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Tribal Canvas is a modern lifestyle concept brand dedicated to contemporary product and lifestyle design with an organic modern eclectic twist influenced by traditional and cultural ethos.

At Tribal Canvas we expand on the theme of ‘tribe’ and focus on artists as both a single entity and as parts of a greater whole through collaboration with various artists, craftspeople and multidisciplinary professionals who share a common love of art and creation.

Our ethos is based on offering imaginative and multifunctional design solutions that are a blend of ‘old’ and ‘new’ aimed at enhancing and complementing the 21st century cosmopolitan and contemporary lifestyle. As a result, every Tribal Canvas piece has a story behind it.

Tribal Canvas invites you to explore our one of a kind products and design services!

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Email: hello@tribalcanvas.co.za
Instagram: tribal_canvas
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Our handmade décor products made from natural materials may have slight irregularities in shape, colour or finish and due to the hand-made nature, sizing can vary from piece to piece. Over time natural splitting, cracking and loss of natural oils may also occur and form part of the characteristics and beauty especially of our wooden products. If you need advice on how to take care of our natural products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All our hand-made products are unique, and the hand-made element ensures no two products are identical.